Minister of justice: Further advancing overall law-based governance

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-05-29

Tang Yijun, a deputy to the National People's Congress and minister of justice, said during a recent interview with People's Daily that the ministry would loyally perform its duty, take the initiative, strengthen overall coordination, and ensure implementation in order to expedite the building of rule of law in China and advance modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities.

According to Tang, the ministry's effort will be focused on the five following aspects:

1. Improving the legal system

It entails improving the system and mechanisms for administrative legislation, accelerating the building of the legal system for public health emergency response, enhancing administrative legislation while raising its quality and effect, and promoting modernization of the legal system.

2. Expediting the Building of a law-based government

It entails deepening the reform of the system for administrative law enforcement, implementing the accountability system for administrative law enforcement, improving the law-based administration by administrative organs at all levels, and advancing the modernization of government governance.

3. Deepening the building of a law-based society

It entails adhering to the principle of justice for the people, promoting improvement of a diversified resolution mechanism for disputes and conflicts, enhancing public legal services, constantly raising people’s sense of gain and satisfaction with respect to the rule of law, and advancing modernization of social governance.

4. Enhancing the building of a law-based market

It entails maintaining a unified legal system, government directive system and market, and improving the legal system for the market economy in order to contribute systemic support, law-based environment and legal services to the business environment and promote modernization of the market governance.

5. Promoting judicial justice

It entails building a system that can ensure social impartiality, justice, and rule of law, strengthening the enforcement of criminal penalties and management of social affairs, strictly standardizing commutation, parole and interim execution of sentences outside prisons, accelerating the reform of notarial services, forensic expertise and arbitration systems, and promoting the modernization of the legal support system.