Judiciary to improve commercial arbitration


China will improve its judiciary's capacity to handle international commercial arbitration cases by introducing more international talent, policy reforms and international cooperation, Vice-Minister of Justice Xiong Xuanguo said on Monday.

Party history shared by Xi: Half a belt reminds people of the power of belief


During an inspection tour in Chongqing in January 2016, Xi stopped at a display case about the story of Half a Belt when visiting a military museum. "This is the power of belief," Xi said.

Revolution-themed comics shed light on CPC history


A series of comic books based on 100 classic revolution-themed movies have gone public as the Communist Party of China (CPC) marks its 100th founding anniversary.

Hefei steps up pace in building law-based government


Hefei accelerated its pace in building a law-based government in 2020.

Beijing’s public legal service center delivers excellent performance in Q1


Beijing's public legal service center delivered a satisfactory performance during the first three months after it started operating at the end of 2020.

Party history shared by Xi: Nonagenarian has lifetime of service


When meeting with national ethics role models and nominees in 2013, Xi expressed his respect for Gong Quanzhen, now 98, who went together with her husband to his rural hometown and devoted her life to teaching youngsters and helping locals in the mountainous region while living a frugal life herself.

China holds high-level forum on CPC history


China has held a high-level forum on the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the first of its kind, as the CPC celebrates its centenary this year.

Party history shared by Xi: Model official Jiao Yulu


Xi has celebrated Jiao Yulu (1922-64), a Party chief of Lankao county in Henan province who died at his post, as a model for officials to revere.

Senior official calls for Civil Code implementation


Wang Chen urged active efforts to implement the newly enacted Civil Code and making the code guiding rules for people's daily lives.

China offers rule-of-law safeguards for market entities


A State Council executive meeting Wednesday passed a draft regulation on the registration management of domestic market entities. It aims to provide rule-of-law safeguards for developing market entities and boost fair competition.

China to further promote spirit of rule of law among public


Chinese authorities have released a circular in order to further promote the spirit and cultivate the social atmosphere of the rule of law.

China initiates lecture tour to promote Party history


China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Friday initiated a lecture tour telling stories from the history of the century-old Communist Party of China (CPC).

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