MOJ announces list of national foreign-related lawyers

Updated: 2019-03-25

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has established a national talent pool for lawyers specially trained to handle foreign-related matters. 

The move is one of its efforts to conscientiously implement the central government's decisions and plans for deepening the reform of the lawyer system by developing foreign-related legal services, building foreign-related legal service teams, and cultivating and reserving high-quality lawyers familiar with international rules and with a global outlook and international vision.

It will better provide high-quality and efficient legal services for the Belt and Road Initiative and other major national development strategies, and help Chinese enterprises and citizens to go global.

After receiving applications and following initial review procedures at the local level, the Ministry of Justice conducted a final review and made the National List of 1,000 Foreign-related Lawyers.

The list has been published for reference for government departments, enterprises and public institutions when recruiting and selecting lawyers.

Please go to http://www.moj.gov.cn/government_public/content/2019-03/21/gggs_231067.html for more information.