Political advisors discuss measures to further improve China's business environment


Chinese political advisors on Thursday discussed measures to further improve China's business environment during a consultation session in Beijing.

China mulls legal aid law


Chinese lawmakers are considering a legal aid law to better protect people's legitimate rights and interests.

Legal search engine unveiled in Shanghai


An official online platform that allows local and foreign residents and businesses in Shanghai to search for the municipality's laws and rules that are currently in force was launched on Wednesday.

Vice Justice Minister urges high-quality development of rule of law in Guangxi


Vice Justice Minister Xiong Xuanguo stressed the importance of adhering to Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law in advancing the high-quality development of the rule of law.

Premier signs decree unveiling revised rule on business name registration


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed a State Council decree unveiling a revised regulation on business name registration amid efforts to further improve the country's business environment.

Third-party assessment shows China's business environment improving


A third-party assessment shows that China has made remarkable progress in improving its business environment, and the process is speeding up, according to an official with the Development Research Center of the State Council.

Service platform for lawyers to reduce costs, time crunch


A nationwide online access platform for lawyers to access litigation-related services has been in operation since Thursday, to help reduce costs of case handling and improve judicial efficiency.

Chongqing lawyers contribute to rule of law at grassroots level


lawyers in Chongqing have been carrying out a comprehensive campaign to promote rule of law across the city.

Town in Zhejiang uses digital platform to achieve smart rural governance


Yunlong town in Zhejiang province has achieved smart rural governance with the help of an online mobile platform.

Hainan makes overall improvement of public legal service system


Hainan province has been taking multiple measures to advance the building of a comprehensive high-quality public legal service system.

E-commerce lessons give inmates chance to succeed


Zheng Susu, an e-commerce lecturer for 15 years,was caught by surprise and became anxious upon receiving an invitation to teach at a local prison.

China's plan for promoting rule of law hailed by experts


China's recently-unveiled plan on building the rule of law in the country has laid out systematic arrangements for promoting a law-based society and provided a road map for its overall promotion in the coming years, law experts noted.

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