Vice-minister of justice calls for boosting international profile of Chinese arbitration


Vice-Minister of Justice Xiong Xuanguo has called on the Chinese arbitration community to merge with the world's development and boost its international profile.

Vice-minister of justice calls for global branding of Chinese arbitration services


Vice-Minister of Justice Xiong Xuanguo has called for efforts to promote Chinese arbitration services globally and establish China as a new destination for international arbitration.

Vice-minister of justice addresses summit on rule of law construction in private economy


Vice-Minister of Justice Xiong Xuanguo delivered a keynote speech at the Third Summit on Rule of Law in the Private Economy held in Beijing on Sept 3.

Changchun strengthens law enforcement supervision to improve business environment


The judicial department of Changchun recently announced the city's first group of enterprises that will act as liaison stations for the supervision of administrative law enforcement.

China issues guideline on deepening reform of eco-compensation mechanism


China has released a guideline on deepening the reform of the country's ecological compensation mechanism to speed up the building of ecological civilization.

China to launch pilot programs on business environment to better benefit firms and individuals


China will roll out pilot programs on the business environment in several selected cities in support of local reform effort in better benefitting firms and individuals, the State Council's executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.

CIETAC sets up international arbitration institute


The CIETAC recently founded an institute on international arbitration to train foreign-related legal talents and facilitate communication between Chinese and foreign arbitration communities.

Textbook on Xi Jinping Thought on Rule of Law published


A university textbook on Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law has been published by China's Higher Education Press.

Senior CPC official urges quality legal services for Northeast China


A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has stressed specific and dedicated efforts to provide quality legal services for the revitalization of Northeast China.

China to reform professional title system for public legal service specialists


China will reform the professional title system for its public legal service specialists.

New legislation widens access to legal aid in China


The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, has adopted a new law on legal aid, which will take effect on Jan 1, 2022.

Legal aid in Ningxia committed to safeguarding minors’ rights


Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region has made the best of legal aid services to safeguard minors' rights and interests.

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