​Main tasks listed in the Guideline on Developing the Foreign-Related Legal Service Industry

Updated: 2019-06-26

The Guideline puts forward tasks in four aspects:

1. To provide legal services for the Belt and Road Initiative and other major national development strategies. Providers of foreign-related legal services shall be actively engaged in the initiation, bidding and other activities of major infrastructure projects and major programs in transport, energy, and telecommunications to help prevent investment risks. Pragmatic exchanges and cooperation in legal service fields with countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road shall be promoted; and foreign popularization of the rule of law shall be increased to promote China's legal system and enhance the international community's understanding and cognition of China's legal system.

2. To provide legal services for Chinese companies and citizens to "go global". Legal service agencies and personnel shall be encouraged and supported to be engaged in the legal affairs of Chinese enterprises and citizens going abroad, conducting due diligence investigation of foreign-related commercial transactions as well as risk assessment, prevention and control, and assisting Chinese enterprises to establish and improve mechanisms for overseas investment and financing risk control and rights and interests safeguards, to prevent legal risks. Foreign-related intellectual property legal services shall be expanded; and foreign-related litigation and arbitration shall be handled properly to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and legal persons abroad and foreign citizens and legal persons in China, and safeguard the rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

3. To provide legal services for the overall situation of China's diplomatic work. Legal services support shall be offered for China to sign bilateral and multilateral treaties, and enhance China's voice and influence in international legal affairs. The foreign-related legal service industry shall provide legal advice and legal services for China's strategic and economic dialogue, cultural exchanges, and high-level consultations with other countries. Providers of foreign-related legal services shall assist China's foreign affairs, commerce and other departments to formulate policies and measures concerning international economic cooperation and cultural exchanges in accordance with the law and regulations, and assist China's embassies and consulates in other countries to handle diplomatic and consular affairs in accordance with the law and regulations.

4. To provide legal services for combating transnational crimes and the repatriation of fugitives and recovery of related assets. Pragmatic cooperation in the areas of combating transnational crimes, drugs, and money laundering as well as anti-corruption and counter-terrorism shall be promoted, and legal services shall be provided in accordance with international rules and bilateral treaties. Foreign-related civil and commercial cases shall be handled seriously and properly, and international civil and commercial judicial assistance shall be promoted. Providers of foreign-related legal services should join hands with relevant authorities to strengthen international multilateral and bilateral cooperation on anti-corruption and facilitate the repatriation of fugitives and recovery of related assets by providing timely legal advice.