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Cai Jun: A role model of legislation for the people from Shaanxi province

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-01-13

What kind of spiritual home should a legal professional have? 

To Cai Jun, deputy head of the third legislative division of the justice bureau of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, it is a place for the cultivation of virtues like humanitarianism, impartiality, integrity, kindness, and a sense of responsibility and justice. It is where a legal professional's faith in law and social conscience are nurtured.


During his career, Cai has always borne in mind his commitment to being a qualified legal professional, and relentlessly contributed to the building of a law-based society.

As a long-time researcher on government-related law and administrative legislation, Cai, with a master's degree in law, possesses a relatively high-level capacity for legal theories. "If legislators don't have a tested background for legal theories, how can they set rules they ask others to obey?"He said.

During his daily work, Cai pays great attention to both legal theories and their practice. As a result, he has been awarded for his high-quality research papers on legal theories multiple times. 

During the legislation practice, Cai always sees quality as the "lifeline" of the legislative work which he actively advances in a scientific, democratic and lawful manner. In recent years, apart from drawing up the legislation schedule for the provincial government, he also took charge of or led the legislation of over 20 local rules and regulations on issues ranging from public cultural services and urban management to the management of urban community affairs and protection measures for buildings with high fire risks.

He also accomplished the review or revision of more than ten pieces of legislation. All this legislative work has forcefully propelled economic development of Shaanxi province and played a guiding role in promoting law-based administration and building of law-based government.

Because of his extraordinary work, Cai has been invited to a number of special expert panels to handle the legislative work on issues such as earthquake warning, prioritization of protection for women and children, preschool education, prevention of minor crimes and telecom fraud.