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Liao Wenjing: A role model of correct prison officers from Fujian province

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-01-13

"I hope I am a beam of light to warm up the people around me and light up the path forward for the people being lost." This is the poetic sentence Liao Wenjing has often repeated since she became a prison police officer 18 years ago.


During the past 18 years, she was elevated from being a police officer to the position of section chief, and awarded a number of titles such as national advanced individual for safeguarding women and children, excellent Party member in the prison system of Fujian province as well as excellent public servant. She indeed turned herself into a beam of beautiful and brilliant light.

Believing that even a small post is also a big platform, Liao has always worked on the frontline of reforming prisoners through education, demonstrating her belief in the idea of socialist rule of law through her actions.

She always did her work in a stringent and accurate manner, never making a mistake in the over 1000 commutation or parole cases she handled so far and correcting the mindset of 15 major prisoners.

She also explored the industrialization of techniques and developed a set of what she called sunshine courses for prisoners to adapt to prison life.

As a person of integrity, she was never defeated by the temptation of bribes when she headed the logistics department or was in charge of procurement affairs. Every time tempters approached her, she always refused them by saying sorry, I can't do it. She told people trying to bribe her to trust the existing judicial system, and never let her relationship with them affect her integrity.

It was her enthusiasm about her work that turned around the mindset of prisoners. For one, there is a juvenile female prisoner in Liao's prison who deeply resented her parents and appeared lost in solitude. Her colleagues had made great efforts to help kid change her mind, only to find that she still kept making mistakes without any positive change of attitude. 

Liao knew that trust building should be the very first step to reform such teenagers. After observing her for a while, Liao discovered that the girl was especially gifted in music. Upon this discovery, Liao asked her to head a learning group in the prison, and encouraged her to write songs for her grandmother. 

The turning point came one day when the girl felt dizzy after days of severe fever. It was Liao who extended her arms and held the girl when she was about to pass out. At that moment, the girl called Liao "mom" by instinct, and Liao realized that her efforts had finally worked.