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Sun Yang: A role model in administrative reconsideration from Heilongjiang

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-01-20

Since July 2013, Sun Yang has been handling administrative reconsideration work as a principal staff member at the third division of administrative reconsideration and response to lawsuits of the justice bureau of Heilongjiang, China's northernmost province.


Despite a lack of law education background, Su was willing to delve into legal matters and passed the national legal professional qualification exam in 2008. 

Since taking up the work of administrative reconsideration, Sun has been working hard to set and standardize case procedures and improve the work quality. He saw a number of his proposals on hearings, case trials, making and delivery of legal documents and litigation skills adopted by the bureau. 

He also participated in drafting and compiling changes to the administrative reconsideration system and created legal document templates for administrative reconsideration, which contributed to institutionalization and standardization of administrative reconsideration work in Heilongjiang.


As a man of integrity, Sun always strives to bring impartiality and justice to parties in every case he handles. So far, he has attended more than 260 hearings or mediation meetings, and heard or attended as a representative respondent over 500 court trials, without any error or complaint arising.

In one administrative reconsideration case over work-related injuries, the injured employee on one side was only 18 years old and lived with his father, while the employer on the other side insisted that the employee's injury should not be identified as a work-related injury on the ground that the employer had terminated the construction contract prior to the occurrence of the injury.

Confronted with the hardship in their lives and the difficulty in protecting their legal rights, the father of the employee grew so frustrated and desperate that he planned to burn himself in front of a government building in Heilongjiang.

After learning of the father's plan, Sun promptly started to communicate with him and finally persuaded him to change his mind. As it turned out, a key document in the case was proved false, leading the authority to determine that the injury was indeed work-related.


In another work-related case, because the injured employee was in another province, Sun, on the one hand, had to frequently communicate with him on the phone. On the other hand, he also had to repeatedly explain the relevant legal provisions to the employer. As a result of his diligent work, the two sides eventually reached an agreement, which enabled the employee to receive the compensation in time and saved him the time and expense of travel.

Since Sun and his family don't live in the same city, his wife takes the responsibility of caring for their children and parents while he remains committed to his work. Sun never lets family affairs affect his work and always voluntarily takes on tough tasks, which has earned him widespread recognition and praise.