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Wang Gang: A role model of law popularization from Jiangxi

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-01-20

Born in a small, remote village in Ruichang, East China's Jiangxi province, Wang Gang, a onetime teacher, has been working on the forefront of law popularization for 26 years.


Always reminding himself of the lack of education in law, Wang spent plenty of time learning legal knowledge on his own, leading his family to see him as a die-hard fan of judicial knowledge and his colleagues to view him above all as a man who loved to learn. 

To take in legal knowledge as much and quickly as possible, Wan often stayed up late to read extensively and frequently consulted his colleagues. Years of hard learning did pay off as he rose in rank in a short period of time from an ordinary cadre at the law popularization office of Ruichang's justice bureau all the way up to the agency's deputy chief in charge of law popularization work. In addition, he published over 50 papers in national or provincial-level judicial journals.

To better perform his work, Wan took every opportunity, including such important days as Women's Day and World Consumer Rights Day, to organize over 1000 law popularization activities of various kinds such as providing legal consultations and legal aid, organizing cultural performances, holding lectures and carrying out legal education programs in rural areas. All these activities helped the law popularization campaign in Ruichang go deeper and deeper.

Wan also pays great attention to people's reaction to his work and defines law popularization as "nanny-style" legal services which provide all-round support for the country's political and economic development. He often said to his colleagues that it is the people who have a final say on the effect of the law popularization work.

To further improve the work's quality Wan participated in the design and building of a number of first-rate law popularization projects in Ruichang, including a rule of law theme park, a 100-meter-long rule of law publicity gallery and a public legal service center.

He also took advantage of such trendy forms as micro films and cartoons to promote his work. His relentless effort guarantees Ruichang's leading position in Jiangxi province in publicizing rule of law.  

The city was twice named a nationwide leading county-level city for setting up demonstration projects to promote rule of law, and three times earned the title of a nationwide leading county-level city in law popularization education, making itself a shining name card in that area for Jiujiang city, which administers Ruichang, and the whole province at large.