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Xin Lingna: A role model of notarization for the people from Shanghai

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-01-20

To Xin Lingna, a senior notary at the Yangpu Notary Public Office in Shanghai, speed is key in her daily work.

 "Because time matters a great deal to many applicants, notaries often have to race against it," she said.


In one extreme case, the Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), one of China's largest engineering contractors, followed a very tight schedule in preparing a bid for a large expressway project, giving Xin and her team only two days to notarize all the necessary materials, which is part of the formalities for making a bid.

Faced with tons of work, Xin, without hesitation, promised her client that they would get what they needed the next day. She jumped into action right away, quickly forming a cross-department work team and putting together all the necessary equipment.

Xin and her colleagues worked round the clock. They meticulously reviewed all the documents from the client and gave their feedback even on their way to the client's office building

They reached the client's office, only to find that the company's legal representative was in an important meeting, meaning that Xin could only use the meeting's 15-minute break to accomplish all the remaining work, including notification, facial recognition, inquiries and obtaining signature and full-process video recordings, with the assistance of the representative.

Working in a neat and orderly manner, Xin got the work done on time and delivered on her promise by presenting the client with the authenticated material the very next day.

Xin said she always puts pressure on herself to be efficient at work.


Apart from speed, her passion toward the work is another inherent force that drives her to meet one challenge after another.

In the 1990s, because purchasing home with house funding was still rare in China, few notaries knew what kinds of notarization procedures were required. 

Just starting her career as a notary at the time, Xin showed great interest in the issue and was determined to resolve it. By drawing on experience from Hong Kong, she managed to accomplish Shanghai's first notarization case for a home purchase with housing funds. During that process, she also developed standard terms and standardized the workflow, clearing the path to the rollout of the practice across Shanghai.

Handling an average of nearly 2,000 cases each year, Xin always treats her clients with sincerity and popularizes legal knowledge during her work.

Despite being a veteran notary already, Xin is still devoting speed and passion to learning new things with the purpose of extending notarization services to more areas.