Ministry of Justice opens online column to provide legal services over epidemic control

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-02-14

The Ministry of Justice recently opened a special column on three authoritative legal information websites to address the public's legal concerns over epidemic prevention and control measures.

The three websites are moj.gov.cn, the ministry's official website, legalinfo.gov.cn, a government-funded website for the law popularization, and 12348.gov.cn, another government-funded website for providing public legal services.

The special column is part of the ministry's effort to draw on online and mobile platforms to answer questions on the legal issues arising from epidemic prevention and control. 

Apart from those websites, the public can also get access to the special column via the ministry's Weibo and WeChat accounts as well as its official app.

Meanwhile, the national legal service hotline, 12348, is currently operating in a 24/7 manner to answer both legal and other questions on topics like quarantine, occupational exposure, protective gear, labor relations and house leasing.

The public can also visit physical public legal service facilities across the country after making a reservation.

Shortly after its launch, the special column had already received some 200 legal questions on such topics as labor relations, consumer protection and debt payment.

The column has also added translation and voice reading functions to further humanize the service.