Sichuan’s judicial administrative system devoted to poverty relief

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-07-13

The judicial administrative system of Sichuan, a southwestern province, has been devoting tremendous efforts to helping impoverished population shake off poverty.

Introduce new technologies

In its attempt to bring more revenue sources to the villagers in the town of Daqiao, the prison in Aba is cooperating with the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in transferring some of the industries currently run in an industrial park built for modern agricultural integration to the town.

Offer skill training 

To increase the agricultural output in Daqiao, the Aba prison has invited experts from the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other places to share with villagers their knowledge of how to grow Sichuan peppers.

Visit regularly

The prisons in Aba and Jialing are paying regular visits to impoverished rural areas to learn about and tackle various problems concerning villagers' daily lives and agricultural production. 

Usher in competition

To help villagers abandon their poor health habits, the Prison of Chuanbei has ushered in an evaluation system. By rewarding those who earn the highest scores, the authority has successfully raised villagers' enthusiasm about developing healthy habits.

Make purchases 

Echoing the central government's call for making purchases rather than donations for poverty relief, the prison in Chuanbei encourages its staff to buy agricultural products produced by impoverished villagers. In doing so, the authority has greatly enhanced the villagers' self-confidence in creating a better life through hard work.

Send kids to schools 

To prevent poverty from being passed on to younger generations, Peng Chao, an official from the prison in Neijiang, who is stationed at a poor ethnic Yi village, has made great efforts to send all the village's 127 children, aged from 6 to 15, to schools, hoping that education can change the course of their lives.