Jilin’s judicial department successfully lifts villagers out of poverty

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-07-21

The judicial department of Northeast China's Jilin province has made tremendous efforts to address the poverty issue in the two villages for which it's responsible to give support, successfully helping all the 188 local families, or 379 villagers, eliminate poverty.

The department took full advantage of its ample legal resources to carry out various activities in the villages, including legal counseling, legal aid, law publicity and law-themed performances. It also established mediation stations, legal aid stations and offices for handling complaints, satisfying villagers' great demand for legal services.

Such targeted measures paid off as one of the villages was entitled a state-level model village for promoting democracy and rule of law while the other also became a local role model in eradicating poverty for two consecutive years. 

Apart from poverty relief, the department also allocated its medical services from its drug rehab system to the villagers, offering them free diagnosis and treatment services and helping them improve local health systems.