Shanghai publicizes Civil Code in diverse ways

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-07-29

China's eastern metropolis of Shanghai has been making a comprehensive effort to publicize the country's first Civil Code since its adoption in late May.

Top-level designing

The commission of the CPC Shanghai municipal committee for overall law-based governance recently released a comprehensive plan for in-depth study, promotion and implementation of the code. 

Twenty specific measures were laid out in the plan for the purpose of publicizing the code, improving local legislative work, advancing the building of a law-based government, and prompting accurate application of the code by the judiciary.

Meanwhile, Shanghai's judicial department and office for law publicity also issued a joint circular on the publicity work for the code.

Lecture tour

To enhance the promotion effect, the judicial department, in conjunction with four other municipal authorities, set up a lecturers' team to educate citizens on the code.

The team has been traveling around the city to interpret the code's essence, main content and significance for the public in an effort to help citizens understand, respect, abide by and use the code.

Novel promotion approaches

Creatively, the department has drawn on the art of sand painting to explain to the public the legal issues addressed by the code and relevant typical cases. Intriguing videos containing such paintings are played in public places to attract people's attention.


Meanwhile, the authority has decorated subway carriages with the Civil Code-themed posters which enable citizens to learn about it on their commute.


The walls of several local landmark buildings are also being used as giant screens to disseminate the code's content.