Jiangxi makes serious efforts to oversee administrative law enforcement

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-07-30

East China's Jiangxi province has been making serious efforts to strengthen its supervision of administrative law enforcement activities, establishing a routine, long-standing, precise and diversified mechanism to this end.

Platform building 

To enhance the transparency of such activities, the province has launched an online platform that provides full-process disclosure of administrative law enforcement activities of all types. 

So far, it has disclosed information about 84,131 supervisors, 2,000,876 subjects under supervision, 112,848 items subjected to supervision, 20,556 supervision tasks and 157,111 law enforcement cases.

Ensure quality of supervisors

To ensure the quality of the supervisors, the province has implemented a rigorous qualification certification system to make sure that all the supervisors have been certified.

Meanwhile, it further smoothed the transition from administrative law enforcement cases into criminal ones in order to intensify its crackdown on criminal offences.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the province issued targeted suggestions on the administrative law enforcement activities related to epidemic prevention and control.

It also launched campaigns to examine the implementation of laws, regulations and administrative rules.

Multiple evaluation methods

The province has conducted both regular and unscheduled inspections of administrative law enforcement records to see whether administrative organs have complied with the accountability system.

It paid special attention to administrative law enforcement activities in such key areas as food and drug safety, production safety, environmental protection, public transport, labor security and urban management.

Several cities including Nanchang, the capital, also invited legal experts to their inspections. With the help of the experts, they spotted and corrected a number of deficits in local administrative law enforcement processes that affected the building of a law-based business environment.

Innovate the supervision

In a move to adopt innovative supervision approaches, both the provincial and municipal governments have invited external supervisors to review the administrative law enforcement activities involving complex social issues.

Meanwhile, the governments drew on 12348.gov.cn, China's official public legal service platform, to receive and handle public complaints against their law enforcement activities. Since last year, they have successfully handled 20 complaints related to administrative certification.