Guizhou launches dedicated subway train to publicize Civil Code

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-08-14

The southwestern province of Guizhou launched its first subway train dedicated to publicizing China's first Civil Code in its capital city of Guiyang on Aug 9.


Planned to operate for half a year after its debut, the train will spread knowledge about the code to at least 2 million commuters when passing through four districts of the city every day on a route containing 24 stops.

Passengers aboard the train will be immersed in an environment full of the Civil Code-related elements as the interior of all of its six carriages is covered with posters displaying the code's articles. There are also screens in the carriages that broadcast promotional videos about the code.


By launching the train, the provincial judicial department expects citizens to learn how to use the code to protect their rights and interests.