Henan dedicated to spreading legal culture along Yellow River

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-10-19

The central province of Henan has been focusing on promoting legal culture across regions along the Yellow River which passes through it since 2016 when China began its seventh five-year plan for nationwide legal publicity, and achieved remarkable progress.


Comprised of eight cities and four counties directly under the provincial government, the involved regions were collectively entitled the national-level legal publicity and education base on Dec 4, 2019, China's Constitutional Day and the first day of the province's Constitution promotion campaign that year. It was the first such base in the province.

Behind the honor was an investment of about 120 million yuan ($1.79 million) which was jointly raised by a number of authorities including the provinces judicial department. The fund went to a variety of legal publicity projects -- 25 demonstration bases, four exhibition halls, 53 law-themed galleries and 150 cultural and art works.

The involved regions have been carrying out the work with local characteristics. The capital city of Zhengzhou, for example, integrated legal publicity with environmental protection of the river. The Wenxian county, on the other hand, actively drew on its identity as the origin of Tai Chi to weave the work into this traditional exercise.


The provincial judicial department and office for legal publicity have worked out a plan for the base's future development.