Anhui judicial administration turns poor village into role model of rural revitalization

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2020-10-28

The village of Liangli in East China's Anhui province used to be known for its sheer poverty. However, with the generous support of the province's judicial department, the village not only shook off poverty in 2017 but also became a role model in rural revitalization.


Striving to improve villagers' livelihoods

Among the measures the department's poverty relief task force took to help increase villagers' income was the building of a pear tree park. Drawing on the village's abundant pear tree resources, the park greatly boosted the local tourism industry. In 2019, it received up to 500,000 tourists

The team also guided villagers in growing other types of fruits in addition to pears, and vigorously promoted e-commerce in the village. Nowadays, more than 120 local households are using the internet to sell their farm produce.


Changing villagers' mindset

The team has made great effort to help villagers adopt a positive attitude towards life. With their support, the villagers opened a supermarket in 2018, and have run it well ever since. The team also conducts regular home visits to make sure that the local households keep their homes clean.

At the height of the tourist season and during villagers' slack time, the team would organize various events like opera performances, basketball matches and tugs of war in order to enrich the villagers' daily lives.


Law-based rural governance

The team has done a great deal of work integrating legal education into the governance of the local community. For example, they have helped build four rule-of-law-themed plazas and parks in the village.


They have also cultivated a team of local legal promoters who are able to spread legal knowledge to other villagers in plain language.


The department's persistent effort successfully turned the village into a national-level role model for rural tourism, rural governance and forest protection.