First ODR platform for APEC member economies launched in Guangzhou

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2021-02-04

The Guangzhou Arbitration Commission recently launched a cross-border online dispute resolution (ODR) platform for medium, small and micro-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the APEC member economies.


It is the first ODR platform within the APEC that fully complies with the APEC Collaborative Framework for Online Dispute Resolution of Cross-Border Business to Business Disputes (the Framework) and the Model Procedural Rule. 

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Justice, the commission has been working on the APEC ODR project with Guangzhou-based Beiming Software since 2020. The platform, B.Ming Casettle ODR, establishes a dynamic link connecting negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and provides MSMEs with a convenient, efficient and low-cost way to resolve cross-border trade disputes.

The platform is also expected to be put on the official website of the APEC’s Economic Committee as an ODR service provider, and to contribute to the building of online diversified dispute resolution mechanisms for not only the Asia-Pacific region but also the whole world.

Aimed at promoting MSMEs’ participation in global trade and investment and protecting their legitimate rights and interests, the Economic Committee adopted the Framework and the Model Procedural Rule in August 2019 which together help MSMEs settle cross-border e-commerce disputes online through three phases – negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

As a major APEC member economy, China has always been committed to exploring ODR platforms with other member economies.