Huanggang marches toward certification-free city status

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2021-02-07

Huanggang in Central China's Hubei province recently announced that it is to repeal a third batch of 38 certifications, taking a step closer to its goal of becoming a certification-free city.

Since it set the goal in 2018, the city has nullified a total of 341 certifications, including those affecting the recruitment of teachers, the use of the public housing fund and the extension of credit loans, significantly reducing the administrative burden on the public.

"Some of these certifications can be replaced with a personal commitment coupled with verification by government agencies or in-process and post-event supervision," said Liu Xuqing, head of Huanggang's judicial department. "Some can be replaced with internal verification or certificates prescribed by law, and a few can be repealed due to their lack of legal basis."

The local government estimates that the cancellations will lead to an annual reduction of 80,000 applications for certifications of all kinds, and increase inter-departmental data sharing for the benefit of the people.