Shaanxi launches series of projects to build law-based government

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2021-03-31

Northwest China's Shaanxi province launched a series of projects to strengthen the weak links in its building of a law-based government in 2020. 

The projects were aimed at evaluating the effort at city and county levels, strengthening the work at the township level, assessing the legal foundation of its business environment, raising the legal literacy of government staff, and enhancing the informatization of the work. 

The government of Lianhu district of the capital Xi’an, for example, used tree charts to comb through all the administrative matters that a natural person or a legal person may need to handle during their full life cycle, and specified all the required materials. In doing so, it further streamlined administrative procedures. 

In another case, as part of its effort to consolidate the legal foundation of township-level governments and improve the legal literacy of government staff, Yangling, one of China’s first agricultural high-tech industrial demonstration zones, launched a special campaign to remove the illegal occupation of rural homesteads. By doing so, one village even managed to create new jobs for villagers by building a clothing factory on a land area previously occupied illegally. 

Now, over 94 percent of the people in Yangling are satisfied with the government’s effort to regulate 12 key sectors including housing and market supervision, according to the government. 

In addition, through a range of reforms aimed at improving its business environment, Yangling saw a 22.9 percent jump in the number of newly-registered market entities between January and September 2020.