Party history shared by Xi: 'Beggar' carrying bars of gold

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated: 2021-05-12

Chairman begs while carrying bars of gold

It is the CPC's uncompromising requirement for its members to remain incorruptible. When inspecting East China's Jiangxi province in 2019, Xi spoke of the deeds of Liu Qiyao, a faithful and uncorrupted Party member.

In the 1930s, following the Red Army's failure in a battle, Liu Qiyao, the leader of the Communist authority in Jiangxi province, lost connection with his comrades.

Liu, who was entrusted with the activity funds of the local Party organization, including 13 golden bars, packed up the hidden funds, and embarked on a journey to find them during which he once lived a beggar's life.

After finally getting in touch with other Party members, Liu submitted the funds. To everyone's surprise, none of the valuables were missing. Even in his most desperate days, Liu did not use any of the funds for himself.

"Only if we remain clean and upright in governance can we win public trust," Xi noted.

Despite historic achievements made over the past years on fighting corruption, it remains the biggest risk to the Party's governance, as Xi has pointed out.

Just as Xi once put it, "The governance over the Party must always be strict, so that the CPC can lead and ensure the smooth sailing of the great ship of socialism with Chinese characteristics."