Guangdong judicial administration improves legislation on people’s livelihoods

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2021-08-27

In recent years, judicial departments across South China's Guangdong province have been actively introducing legislation for the benefit of the people.

The judicial department of Guangzhou, the provincial capital, recently called a meeting to discuss a draft regulation on the development of the city's digital economy, with the aim of drawing a blueprint to spur the growth of this burgeoning sector.

In the city of Foshan, its judicial department launched a survey in May to gauge public opinion on its legislative plan for 2022.

Responding to the results of the survey, which showed that issues ranging from employment-related rights protection to business environment garnered the most public attention, the department promised to incorporate feasible suggestions into the plan.

Focusing on the sore points of people's daily lives, the judicial department of Huizhou recently assembled experts to discuss a draft regulation on the construction and management of parking lots.

The department also consulted experts, in related industries, and lawyers on the revision of certain articles of the regulation.

Jieyang's judicial department convened a meeting recently to mull over legislation on the protection of the city’s intangible cultural heritages, proposing to establish a protection mechanism involving the participation of the local government, enterprises and units responsible for promoting such heritages.