Vice-minister of justice addresses summit on rule of law construction in private economy

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2021-09-14

Vice-Minister of Justice Xiong Xuanguo delivered a keynote speech at the Third Summit on Rule of Law in the Private Economy held in Beijing on Sept 3. 

Pointing out that Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law provides the fundamental guideline for the rule of law construction in the private economy, Xiong said that the ministry has given full play to its roles in improving administrative legislation, administrative law enforcement and public legal services in an effort to spur high-quality development of China's private economy with strong legal guarantee and superior legal services. 

Xiong stressed the need to enhance administrative legislation by sticking to the idea of equal protection, improving enterprise-related administrative regulations, optimizing the mechanism for collecting opinion on enterprise-related legislation, and conducting the filing, review and sorting of regulations and departmental rules. 

He called for efforts to advance the construction of a law-based government through improving Party and government agencies' decision-making procedure, deepening the reform of streamlining administration, delegating power and improving regulation and services, ensuring strict, impartial and civilized law enforcement, and building a market-oriented and law-based business environment. 

Efforts should also be made to consolidate legal services, strengthen cooperation between law firms and chambers of commerce, promote people's mediation led by chambers of commerce, and build an all-encompassing legal service network that is available at any time, according to Xiong. 

He also called for law-based governance of private enterprises through such measures as introducing corporate lawyers. 

In addition to the summit, Xiong attended the signing ceremony of an initiative aimed at strengthening the cooperation between law firms and chambers of commerce and a ceremony marking the establishment of a committee in charge of the third-party mechanism for checking the legal compliance of private enterprises involved in lawsuits.