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Affiliated units

Updated: 2022-08-16

There are 25 institutes and agencies directly under the Ministry of Justice. 

They are: the Law Promotion Center, the Research Center for the overall law-based governance, the Information Center, the Ministry Offices Service Center, Yancheng Prison, the Legal Aid Center, the Crime Prevention Research Institute, Legal Daily, Law Press of China, China Legal Publishing House, the All China Lawyers Association, the China Notary Association, the China Prison Association, the China Judicial and Administrative Drug Rehabilitation Association, the National Police University for Criminal Justice, the Judicial Administration College, the National Judicial Examination Center, the China Legal Aid Foundation, the Judicial Assistance Exchange Center, the Academy of Forensic Science, China Legal Service (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., China Legal Service (Macao) Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Legal Training Exchange Center, and the China National Association of People's Mediation Network.