Zhejiang intensifies efforts to improve public legal literacy

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2022-09-15

East China's Zhejiang province has introduced a set of measures to further improve the public legal literacy across the province.

A total of 46 tasks have been shouldered by 72 departments under direct administration of the provincial government, as well as cities and counties, with 164 provincial monitoring sites for public legal literacy established, which lays a solid foundation for the province's further actions to improve the public legal literacy. 

In an effort to help citizens get a clear understanding of legal literacy, the province has unveiled a handbook of Q&As. Focusing on five aspects such as legal cognition, as well as belief and behavior of rule of law, Zhejiang has specified key factors and connotations in improving citizens' legal literacy and provided guidance on how to improve with accuracy and evaluate progress scientifically.

In line with the basic theory fundamentals, the province has also introduced a corresponding law popularization model that integrates the legal literacy basics, lists of rights and obligations, legal risk alerts and typical case releases.

For example, the province's Yiwu city has worked out a local version of citizens' legal literacy basics and a tailored legal handbook that are targeted at foreigners and new residents, as well as people working in new business forms such as express services, e-commerce and the logistics industry.

In the meantime, backed by digital technologies, the province has innovated dissemination of legal information by utilizing the WeChat mini apps. The public will have easy access to the legal literacy basics by scanning the QR code.

Based on different target groups and their various needs, the province has made great efforts to establish citizens' legal literacy monitoring sites of different levels at public institutions, enterprises, villages, urban communities, mass organizations and various social organizations, where digital platforms such as digital screens, mobile applications and WeChat official accounts are integrated and well used.