Notary institutions in Hebei step up efforts to promote economic and social development

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2023-01-12

To date, the notary institutions in North China's Hebei province have handled 217,000 notarial cases of all kinds, promoting the province's high-quality development by providing good and efficient notarial legal services.

Focusing on the core work and serving the overall situation

Since 2020, the province's notary institutions have dealt with over 900 such judicial auxiliary affairs as delivery, preservation, inventory, and mediation, and handled 239 notarial cases of escrow, providing useful support to governance of litigation source. 

Focusing on optimizing legal services to further bring convenience to enterprises and the public

A total of 170 notary institutions across the province have online notarization and consultation services, and handled over 4,500 cases online this year.

In addition, the province's notary institutions have provided 6,222 door-to-door notarial services and extended service hours for 7,090 times during holidays. They have provided pro bono notarial services for the elderly, disabled, and minors, as well as people with special difficulties, and reduced their notarial service fees by 930,000 yuan.