China's roadmap for high-quality development

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated: 2023-02-10

China has mapped out an outline to increase high-quality development and promote the country's transformation from a major economy to a strong economic power.

The document, jointly released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, was made public on Feb 6. The document lays out the blueprint for improving the quality of products, projects and services.

Let's take a look at the highlights from the document.

Major goals

By 2025, China will make greater progress in brand-building, constructing more modern and effective quality infrastructures and fine-tuning the country's quality management system.

By 2035, China will have formed a more solid foundation and developed an advanced culture for quality development, and its comprehensive strength in terms of quality and brands will reach a higher level.

Major measures

Make obvious improvements to the quality and efficiency of economic development

The country will strengthen the driving force for innovation in quality development, carry out a number of projects to tackle the quality of industrial chains and supply chains, and make breakthroughs in a number of major landmark quality technologies and equipment.

It will establish a green direction for quality development, accelerate efforts to make breakthroughs in core technologies in low-carbon, zero-carbon and carbon-negative fields, and promote the low-carbon transformation of energy-intensive industries.

It will optimize technical standards for recycling resources to achieve green and efficient reuses of resources.

Increase the quality and competitiveness of industries

The country will promote the deep integration of basic manufacturing techniques with quality management, digital intelligence and network technologies, and improve the agility and preciseness of production and manufacturing.

It will support the engineering development of general basic software, industrial software, platform software and application software to achieve key technological breakthroughs in the software development of industrial quality analysis and control.

Raise the quality levels of products significantly

The country will improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, foods and drugs, strengthen the construction of high-quality agricultural product bases, carry out Agro-product geographical indications, and promote trials to standardize the whole industrial chain of modern agriculture. It will optimize the distribution of the food industry and speed up industrial technological upgrading.

China will strengthen the management of drugs and vaccines, accelerate the review and approval of drugs for the treatment of clinically urgent rare diseases and medical devices, improve the capacity of drug inspection and testing, accelerate the technological research and development of raw chemical medicines and traditional Chinese medicines, upgrade the quality standards of medicines and improve the consistency of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs with original and patented drugs.

The country will improve the supply of consumer goods, take action to improve the quality of consumer goods and accelerate the upgrading of quality standards for consumer goods.

It will promote the quality of industrial products to the medium-high end. It will give full play to the leading role of industrial design in improving quality, vigorously develop high-quality manufacturing, and strengthen quality control over the whole process of R&D, design, production and after-sales services.

Raise the quality levels of projects

The country will raise the quality of building materials, accelerate the research, development and application of new building materials with high strength and durability, recyclability and environmental protection, and promote the upgrading of traditional building materials such as steel, glass and ceramics.

It will vigorously develop green building materials, improve the standards, certification and evaluation system of green building materials, and advocate for the selection of green building materials. It plans to carry out special improvements in building materials in key areas such as housing and public buildings, and improve the quality of the building materials industry from production to construction.

The country will also build an upgraded version of China Construction, strengthen the high-level application of advanced quality management modes and methods, and create benchmarks for quality projects.

China will promote advanced construction equipment and intelligent construction methods to improve the quality and safety of construction projects. It will also vigorously develop green buildings, further promote the application of renewable energy and resources in buildings, and achieve low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reductions throughout the whole construction process.

Increase the supply of quality services

The country will raise the level of specialization in production and services, coordinate the development of inclusive finance, green finance, finance for scientific innovation, and finance for supply chains, and make the quality of services for the real economy more accurate and accessible.

The country will actively develop multimodal transport, smart logistics, and supply chain logistics, improve the quality of cold chain logistics services and optimize international logistics channels.

It will standardize and develop new business forms and models such as online sales and live streaming e-commerce. It will accelerate the development of overseas warehouses and other new forms of foreign trade.

Enhance the quality and brand development capabilities of enterprises

The country strives to create domestic and international well-known brands, improve the brand cultivation and development mechanism, and create Chinese boutique and "century-old stores".

It will encourage enterprises to implement quality brand strategies and establish brand cultivation management systems. The country will continue to hold the "China Brand Day" series of activities, and will support enterprises in strengthening brand protection and safeguarding their rights, and crack down on brand counterfeiting and trademark infringement in accordance with the law.

Build high-level national quality infrastructure

The country will improve quality infrastructure management, establish an efficient and authoritative national quality infrastructure management system, and promote the hierarchical and classified management of quality infrastructure.

It will strengthen capacity building for quality infrastructure, rationally arrange the quality technical service institutions at national, regional and industrial levels, and build quality infrastructure with complete systems, optimized structures, high efficiency and practicality.

It will improve the efficiency of quality infrastructure services including launching a campaign to boost quality infrastructure. Focusing on key areas such as scientific and technological innovation, manufacturing, rural vitalization, and ecological and environmental protection.

The country will vigorously provide technical services in measurement, standardization, and conformity assessment, and promote the open sharing of data, instruments, equipment and other resources to better serve market demand.

Modernize quality management system

The country will modernize quality management, improve quality policies and systems. It will also improve the financing and credit-enhancement system that covers quality, standards, brands, patents and other factors, strengthen the supply of financial services for quality improvement, technological transformation, and equipment upgrading, and increase financial support for quality innovation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.