Minister of justice conducts survey in Shanghai

(| Updated: 2023-09-12

Minister of Justice He Rong conducted a survey on local efforts to improve law-based governance in Shanghai from Sept 4 to 7 on the sidelines of the 10th Meeting of Ministers of Justice of SCO Member States.

The delegation led by the minister visited the city's judicial administrative departments, notary institutions, law firms and technological enterprises, including the Gubei Civic Center of the city's Hongqiao sub-district, the judicial office of the Ganquan sub-district of Putuo district, the grassroots observation site for the rule of law of Lujiazui Financial City, the public legal service center of Huangpu district, the Shanghai Dongfang Notary Public Office, Fangda Partners, and the Hongqiao International Legal-Services District.

During the survey, He Rong had in-depth exchanges with frontline officials and legal service workers, and fully affirmed Shanghai's notable achievements in law-based governance on various fronts, including promoting the rule of law, strengthening scientific and democratic legislation, providing high-quality public legal services, and enhancing the development of the legal profession, notarization and judicial offices, as well as promoting the rule of law in foreign-related fields.

The justice minister underlined the importance of fully implementing the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and further practicing Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law.

She emphasized on developing more experiences and practices in such judicial administrative work as improving the quality and effectiveness of administrative legislation, accelerating improvement of the modern public legal service system, and advancing the rule of law at the grassroots level, so as to help improve the public's sense of gain and satisfaction regarding the rule of law, the minister said.

She noted the important role of lawyers in promoting Chinese modernization through the rule of law.

She also emphasized the need to fully leverage Shanghai's advantages in multiple fields, strengthen the construction of foreign-related legal service institutions and talent cultivation, and further enhance foreign-related legal services, in a bid to better serve the public and enterprises going global. It is also necessary to provide strong legal guarantees for the city's development.

Vice-Mayor of Shanghai Zhang Yahong and officials from the city's justice department also attended the survey.