Blue book reveals China's rule of law development

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated: 2023-11-20

A blue book that introduces China's rule of law development involving foreign affairs was issued at a symposium in Beijing on Sunday.

The book, with seven chapters, not only recalls China's achievements of legislation, law enforcement, legal services, arbitration, talent education and international exchanges related to foreign affairs in 2022, but also presents major studies, papers and journals in these fields.

The book shows China's efforts in the formulation and implementation of laws on foreign state immunity, foreign relations and countering foreign sanctions, with introductions on China's innovation in handling of foreign-related civil commercial, criminal cases.

Complied by the China University of Political Science and Law, the book aims to carry out the central leadership's requirement on taking a coordinated approach to promote the rule of law at home and in matters involving foreign affairs.

On Sunday, 10 influential incidents concerning China's rule of law in matters involving foreign affairs were also issued at the symposium.

Themed under "Rule of Law in Foreign Matters and International Communication," the symposium was organized by the university's Academy for the Rule of Law. It attracted a number of guests from colleges, legislation departments, judicial authorities and news outlets.

While sharing what they have done in advancing the building of rule of law related to foreign affairs, the guests also exchanged ideas on how to improve international communication in this field.