Minister of justice surveys judicial administration in Chongqing

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2024-02-04

Recently, Minister of Justice He Rong conducted a survey on the reform of the administrative law enforcement system, the resolution of administrative disputes and foreign-related legal services.

The minister successively visited Ciqikou sub-district in Shapingba district, the Administrative Dispute Resolution Center in Fuling district, the Wulidian Justice Office in Jiangbei district, the Chongqing Arbitration Commission and law firms to gain a detailed understanding of the development of judicial administration in Chongqing.

She fully affirmed the municipality’s exploration of and practice in promoting the reform of the administrative law enforcement system and urged the judicial administrative departments, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, to continue exploring replicable and scalable practices in constructing an administrative law enforcement system featuring clearly defined rights and responsibilities, strong coordination and high efficiency, complete mechanisms and effective oversight. The MOJ will follow up on the relevant work and provide ongoing guidance.

Additionally, efforts should be made to strengthen administrative review and mediation, enhance the quality and efficiency of mediation through digital empowerment, and strengthen the connection between administrative review and litigation, in a bid to substantially promote the resolution of disputes at their source, the minister added.

She also called for concrete measures in improving the quality and efficiency of foreign-related legal services, enhancing professional levels and practical abilities, and bolstering an arbitration legal system with Chinese characteristics that aligns with international norms.

Meanwhile, she stressed the need for Chongqing, by leveraging its multi-strategic advantages, to effectively explore accelerating the cultivation of first-class international arbitration institutions and law firms to provide the public with higher-quality legal services and a stronger sense of fulfillment, so as to serve high-level opening-up.