Experts call for further strengthening of law education

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated: 2024-05-09

While stressing the importance of talent in advancing overall law-based governance, a number of Chinese officials and legal experts have called for further strengthening of law education, with the endeavor to build a high-level work team for the country's legal system.

They made the remark when attending a seminar held by the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing on Monday.

After introducing achievements made by Chinese courts over the past few years, Yang Linping, vice-president of the Supreme People's Court, China's top court, said that a major job of the judiciary system is to promote the modernization of trials, underscoring "fulfilling the modernization cannot be separated from the support of legal talent and legal theories."

Wang Yi, a law professor and vice-president of Renmin University of China, highlighted the significance of universities and colleges in the cultivation of legal talents, saying "for whom to teach, what to teach, who to teach, and how to teach are four fundamental questions that schools should answer."

During the seminar, Vice-Minister of Justice Wang Zhenjiang shared his opinions on accelerating the building of a high-level work team for China's legal system with other participants, noting that it is to help advance the overall law-based governance in the new era.

"It's also to meet the central leadership's requirement that take a coordinated approach to promoting the rule of law at home and in matters involving foreign parties," he added.

As one of China's key institutions in the field of law, "We should focus more on legal training," said Ma Huaide, president of the China University of Political Science and Law. "In particular, we should make legal theory and practice a compulsory in the training of the work team."

In addition, the university will attach more importance to the reform of law education, trying the best to foster legal talent for the team, he said.