Shigatse Arbitration Commission inaugurated

(en.moj.gov.cn)| Updated: 2024-06-28

Recently, The Shigatse Arbitration Commission of the Xizang autonomous region was officially unveiled.

Established by the Shigatse municipal government in accordance with the Arbitration Law, the commission, registered with Xizang's justice department and filed with the Ministry of Justice, is the second arbitration commission set up within Xizang, after the establishment of the Lhasa Arbitration Commission 25 years ago.

The establishment of the Shigatse Arbitration Commission represents part of Shigatse's efforts to advance the modernization of the city's social governance system and governance capability. It is also an important step in accelerating higher-level rule of law in the city, as well as serving and safeguarding the city's vision of becoming a sub-central city within Xizang and a central city opening up to South Asia as well as building itself into an international land port.

The new commission's first group of 181 arbitrators are experts in related fields such as legal practice, legal research, economy and trade, and engineering and construction. They all have profound theoretical knowledge, rich practical experience, outstanding professional ethics, high-level expertise and professional capability.