China issues plan on building rule of law


China has issued a plan on building the rule of law.

Henan strives to foster first-rate law-based business environment


Henan province is making persistent effort to create a first-rate business environment with high-quality legal services.

Merging of government hotlines to continue


China's ongoing efforts to integrate its nonemergency government hotlines will make it easier for the public to have their voices heard and improve the efficiency of administrative services, an official said on Thursday.

Xi thought leads efforts to build peaceful China, rule of law


China is steadily advancing the efforts to build a peaceful China and the rule of law under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law.

BRILA safeguards B&R construction with high-quality legal services


The BRILA has grown into the world's sixth largest international lawyers' organization since its birth in December 2019.

Xi Jinping on Civil Code


Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, has stressed the significance of the Civil Code.

China strengthens judicial assistance for veterans in difficulties


Chinese authorities have ordered strengthened efforts to provide necessary assistance and help for military veterans during judicial proceedings if they are facing difficulties.

China to remove barriers hindering implementation of regulation on improving business environment


Premier Li Keqiang heard a report on the third-party assessment of the implementation of the Regulation on Improving the Business Environment while chairing the State Council Executive Meeting on Monday.

Law further protects privacy, experts say


China's Civil Code will help people be braver in saying "no" to things that disturb their private lives, including prank calls and spam messages, as it strengthens protection of their privacy and personal information, legal professionals said.

China's Civil Code takes effect


China's Civil Code officially takes effect on Friday, replacing the country's previous standalone civil laws.

Beijing FTZ welcomes overseas arbitration institutions


The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice formulated the “Administrative Measures for Registration of Business Offices Established by Overseas Arbitration Institutions in China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone”.

Special regulation on govt inspection to help at local, higher levels


China's special regulation on government inspection is intended to endow governments at county levels and above with rights to conduct supervision on administrative bodies and ensure that inspections are conducted in a standardized manner.

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