Full implementation of nation's Constitution, laws essential


Fully implementing the country's Constitution and laws is essential to advancing the rule of law, a senior official said on Friday.

Over 35,000 gang-related fugitives surrender themselves in China


A total of 35,474 fugitives suspected of gang and organized crime turned themselves in during China's nationwide crackdown campaign, authorities said Monday.


International meeting on crime and criminal justice statistics held in Chengdu


The third Regional Meeting on Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics was held in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Oct 28.

Legal service tour benefits northernmost province of Heilongjiang


Since 2015, lawyers from Harbin, capital of China's northernmost province of Heilongjiang, have traveled over 15,000 kilometers on large-scale legal service tours.

Guideline clarifies leniency for suspects admitting guilt, accepting punishments


China on Thursday released a guideline to clarify the use of a mechanism under which criminal suspects may receive lenient penalties if they admit their guilt and accept punishments.

Minister of Justice calls for implementation of law popularization at higher level


An inter-ministry joint meeting on the responsibility for carrying out law popularization for all people was held in Beijing on Oct 18, with Fu Zhenghua, Minister of Justice, delivering a speech.

Vice Minister of Justice stresses importance of commercial mediation to business environment


Liu Zhenyu, Vice Minister of Justice, stressed the importance of commercial mediation in the building of a sound business environment during his speech at the International Mediation Summit 2019 held on Southwest China's Chongqing on Oct 17.

China encourages lawyers to participate in pro bono legal service


China's Ministry of Justice on Oct 23 released a document to boost lawyers' participation in pro bono legal services.

Draft would grant police the power to rehabilitate juveniles


Juveniles who engage in serious misconduct - such as public fighting, drug use or gambling - but who may be exempt from punishment because of their age will receive rehabilitative treatment by police, a draft revision said.

Guidance focuses on officials who shield organized criminals


Officials who protect criminals involved in organized crime and take bribes from them in return will be severely punished, according to a document issued on Oct 21 by judicial and law enforcement departments that gives guidance on the crackdown and punishment of such officials.

Legal aid service in Jilin plays critical role in safeguarding migrant workers’ interests


The legal aid service system in Northeast China's Jilin province has been on the provincial government's priority list since 2011, helping address legal disputes for 138,120 people in more than 125,000 lawsuits and providing legal consulting service for around 650,000 people over the past nine years.

Legislators look to boost Minors Protection Law


Lawmakers on Oct 21 sought to codify the protection of youngsters against cyber-based crimes and addictions as they work to revise the Minors Protection Law, a protective law for citizens under age 18.

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