Ministry of justice to further diversify forms of legislation


The Ministry of Justice will further diversify forms of legislation, including prioritizing urgent needs and taking a targeted approach characterized by precision, efficiency and flexibility, for its legislative work in 2024, according to the 2023 national conference of directors of justice departments held on Jan 14.

Ministry of justice makes legislative strides in 2023


In 2023, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) made remarkable progress in advancing administrative legislation in the new era, providing a robust legal guarantee for promoting high-quality development, comprehensively deepening reforms and maintaining the overall stability of society.

Nation aims to hasten patent reviews


The move to revise the rules is aimed at helping IP regulators accurately implement the amendment to the Patent Law, which was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in October 2020 and took effect in June 2021, according to Jin Wuwei, an official from the Ministry of Justice.

Hubei leverages role of mediation in dispute resolution


In the recent concluded national mediation work conference, 13 people's mediation committees and 41 people's mediators from Hubei province were honored for their work.

Xi urges judicial, procuratorial, public security organs to safeguard national rejuvenation


Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on the judicial, procuratorial and public security organs to uphold the absolute leadership of the Party and provide the national rejuvenation with a strong security guarantee.

China examines over 3,000 regulations in 2023 to consolidate legal framework


China has seen progress in addressing prominent problems in regulations, such as violations of higher-level legislation, ensuring unity in the country's rule of law, the Ministry of Justice said on Friday.

Development of a 'Beautiful China' to be promoted comprehensively


The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council have issued guidelines to comprehensively promote the development of a "Beautiful China."

China steps up efforts to improve legal services for disabled people


China's Ministry of Justice and the China Disabled Persons' Federation have issued a guideline on strengthening efforts concerning legal services for people with disabilities.

Legal aid ensured for defendants


China has reiterated the significance of free legal aid, with clearer requirements for each department, so that the country can strongly protect human rights and better uphold justice.

Minister of justice surveys foreign-related legal services in Shenzhen


From Jan 3 to 4, Minister of Justice He Rong conducted a survey on foreign-related legal services in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, and carried out an on-site inspection of the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration to gain insight into its construction and development.

China revises rules on management of ozone-depleting substances


Chinese Premier Li Qiang has signed a decree of the State Council to unveil China's decision to revise a set of rules governing the nation's management of ozone-depleting substances.

CIETAC creates new platform for nurturing young foreign-related legal talents


The China Youth Arbitration Forum, an important event of China Arbitration Week, had its focuses on the future development of China's youth arbitration talents, cultivation of legal talents with high-quality expertise in foreign-related legal fields, and consolidating the foundation for nurturing these talents.

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